Are You a BrainManiac

In our overview of recent gains in the field of intelligence training tests, now it is time to refocus, so to speak. The premise is that focus is the key and nothing else, and learning what we like best seems to be the emerging trend. In the standard testing knowledge is key but thinking, as more precious, is ranked variously, when kids from different countries are considered. Despite the American claim that no child should be left behind, while it is precociously relevant, some kids will forever be left behind, as no teacher is capable of removing any influence that the child’s family has had over the development. If today’s mantra is that intelligence and power are the dominant weapons of the ruling class and anyone’s who is above anyone else, even a notch or a dozen on the IQ scale, then those aware and self aware old folks demanding more from themselves and their offspring and ready to fork out enough money as the investment are more than welcome to embrace their own folly. The mantra we practice here cannot be emphasised enough, much to your and ours too, chagrin, fluid intelligence cannot be learned or unlearned, although, in the latter case, there is enough toxicity to somehow send it a few points in your IQ score down, with some nasty habits, very easy to develop. Hey, now that is the beauty of it all, everything that does not serve you or your body right is somehow easy to pick up while anything demanding perspiration is just a promise of more grind. The conclusion being?

Learn to Unlearn

Perhaps to accept the status quo and live a day as if it was the last day of your life. You know what that means for some brainiacs here? That some people would just go on fornicating, having a last smoke and just walking around in search of that bloody crack shot. That is what the real and bared human nature is like for many. To unlearn is the biggest key to some brain undevelopment. Perhaps those experiments with hypnosis could guarantee the satisfaction of returning to the motherly womb, but for now, and for less money, sheer imagination will do. If you work in fits and starts, unknowingly being run by some force, much to your dissatisfaction, perhaps, you are simply sabotaging yourself, despite the proof that work does yield some proof. So in this meangless day by day state do you believe you can change things by changing your brain?

While many families are preoccupied by their child’s future prospects and career opportunities, some tend to forget that the success, whilst having many mothers, is born when several factors come into play, starting with the right kind of mentality that is not born but made.

Now, with all that above, can we continue to claim and refute the claims that heredity is the key? Think William sisters, trained from the early years to be crowned winners, with little revealed about those daily mundane repetitive attempts at success. But what of them as mothers and friends? Somehow the female success in sport, with rare case of doping reported among the top class athletes, is not as effectively analyzed as it could be. The male success leads to some serious misbehavior later on, with the need to garner more trophies, as the body and the mind require more stimulation after those years at the top. The thing is to find the balance if you are totally successful, and here, that childhood practice is conducive to that feeling nice and happy.

In short, there is no success with no focus, but the trick is to know when and how to refocus, which applies to one’s life at large and in detail, too. Adding some spice will never hurt, either. But the final suggestion would be to always develop that IE instead, which does not hurt as much and its starting point is to develop as a human being.