Fighting in Real Life: Practical Martial Arts

When we watch martial arts movies, we are amazed by all the moves we see. We are awed by the moves of Jacky Chan and we are amazed by Bruce Lee’s fighting prowess. But those moves in the movies and even though action stars are highly trained and highly skilled martial artists in real life, they could not do most of the stunts that they are doing in real life situations.

Conditioned Environment in Movies

Keep in mind that fight scenes are high coordinated settings. They filmmakers follow a script which gives a general idea on how a fight would turn out. The usual ending is that the hero would win no matter how the odds are stacked against him/her. A stunt or a fight director is normally hired in order to coordinate the fight scene. The coordinator’s job is to ensure that the fight scene would look as realistic as possible and that it would follow the principle of martial arts.

It is not surprising that fight scenes look realistic. That’s what they are aiming to bring. The directors, actors and fight coordinators would be doing a lousy job if you feel that the right seems faked. This is the reason why watching action and martial arts movies can be a little misleading. You might get the feeling, after watching a really great scene where the hero beats up a gang of bad guys that you want to learn some Kung-Fu or ninja moves. It doesn’t work that way though.

Fighting in Real Life

People who have been into real fights will tell you that fighting is different from how it is portrayed in the movies. It happens a lot quicker and there is no time for fancy moves. What you see in the movies where a single person who has a lot of training can fight off a group of thugs would rarely happen. No matter how much training you get, fighting more than one person at once would probably result in you getting beaten up or worse. Some martial arts might claim that they can teach you how to fight multiple opponents, but that is highly questionable.

Self-Defense is More Than Just Fighting

Experts of self-defense will tell you that fighting should only be the last resort. Running away from a fight is not a cowardly thing to do especially if you are outnumbered. In the event that you are forced to fight fancy moves like whirling kicks and animal styled punches are not that effective. Survival fighting skills will teach you that ending a fight as quickly as possible is the best thing to do. You need to disable your opponent by targeting their weak points.

In this day and age fighting is not really a necessity. The best thing for you to do is to avoid being in a fight at all. Let the system take care of things when there is a misunderstanding. Resorting to your fists is not going to resolve anything at all.