Spice up Your Life (or Not)

Are you bored to death despite having it all? Or perhaps you own just a little and would like to try out something else but hardly know what? As it turns out human beings crave change from time to time despite themselves hardly willing to change, which applies to deeply ingrained habits and behaviors. Sometimes the comfort wins in the end and you start to believe life has to be like that forever. Then again most thinkers would say that even if you spice it up in many ways, you are, deep down, no different from those who are toiling in sweat every day with nothing like television to relax in their spare time. Also a change does require some effort, but it does not mean you need to jump from one activity to another in order to live the life to the fullest. Exploring the world and the life’s possibilities is one thing, but gradually, you would recognize being on a constant swing of excitement does not add much to the overall quality of one’s life. Perhaps it does for some. If coupled with the deep contentment then things should be going more than smoothly, once you allow for some mindful reflection. Think the retirement time, where it is incredibly vital to remain friends with people. Enhancing the quality of life through some shared moments is what defines our life to a great extent. Following our heart and raising kids are also on many people’s list, so yeah, if you are feeling something is missing from your existence, make hay and fornicate!

A Loitering Wish

Once you have tasted the highs and lows of the life with all the money available, the probability of becoming a prisoner to the necessity of removing the mundane from your life is ever present to the point of obsession. At that point you start wondering what sort of life to pursue to reach that boiling point and keep the fire going. Most people do not stand that chance and have become prisoners of unfulfilled wishes and wrong choices which are after all nothing short of being a life lesson, though painful. However, if you hold on dearly to what you have amassed, is not there too much pain that underlies your wish to add more of that spice? How does that feel then? Or when you sacrifice the whole of your life to something that does not quite work out in the end? Then what? But then is being supine an answer to any life malady? Say you have lost a daughter but now that years have passed enjoying yourself is what you have left and you are doing fine. But some have been to places and returned merely satisfied with no discoveries made and keep on struggling with that missing ingredient from their life they somehow cannot put a finger on. What is that elusive fulfillment that somehow is unattainable? To keep searching for the answers is what most people will tell you. To rest your life on some pillars of your own choice is the best you can do without having to find the money for some extra activities you cannot afford while simple things can be joyous in themselves.