Staying Pretty While Having Skin Changes During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is where plenty of changes in our body occur. Not only does the change occur in your belly, but almost every part of yourself is changed when you are carrying that baby. These changes however are temporary. One should not be alarmed when experiencing such visible extremes to their physiology as pregnancy continues.

Changes In The Skin

An increase in estrogen levels during pregnancy to support the babyís blood circulation inside your womb may make you appear as if you are glowing because of the sudden boost you receive in the bloodstream. Unfortunately for you, it can also increase the activity of your oil glands, giving more room for acne or pimples to build up. You may feel as if you are back as a teenager again, whining over the many bumps coming out of that face.

More woes for your skin during pregnancy may include : Reddish, slightly depressed streaks in the abdomen, breast and thighs which are called Striae Gravidarum; Linea nigra, which are lines of dark pigmentation that extend from your umbilicus down to the midline because of excess melanin; Chloasma, which appears as brownish patches of pigmentation on the face; Stretch marks because of the hormones and pressure of your ever increasing size causes the skin to tear, leaving out visible striations in the belly; some may even have the problems of itching and rashes on those stretch marks.

Changes In The Hair

Hormonal changes during pregnancy also have an effect to your hair. It is during these times that mothers mostly have thick hairs, making them appear luxurious and healthy since less hair is now falling-out. Sometimes you may view this as a burden, simply feeling as if your hair is heavy and unkempt. If you have curly hair, thereís also a possibility of it straightening up due to the increase in oil production and follicle changes. After your baby is born, your hair may start falling off again. You should not panic as a mother since this is a normal occurrence and is only temporary lasting for about six months.

Certain Actions

In order to keep your skin healthy, you should drink plenty of water, and make yourself comfortable in using moisturizers. Try not to worry too much about those stretch marks that are constantly appearing in your belly. They are only temporary, and will soon fade away a few months after your baby has been born. Avoid using any kind of cream or acne treatment to remove skin woes unless you are being prescribed by a doctor.

If you donít like how your hair looks, try to get a haircut regularly to keep you hair in good shape. Itís probably best to avoid perms or hair dyes that since they contain chemicals which are absorbed into the bloodstream. Vegetable-based color rinse may be okay since they do not touch the scalp. Remember, while looking good is a must, the priority during pregnancy is the health of your baby.