Too Many Variables

Too many variables are a reason many opt out of this world when you cannot control your world to any extent. That sort of power renders you useful and once it is gone, the wind of change and cliche is going to carry you away, into oblivion. In that particular state you are no more no less than in a victim mode. In the world where selling is the key anything can be sold, even your own willingness to do good. But doing good fot that sake is a problem in itself as good intentions cannot suffice.

Variable nr 1

The market of human skills and abilities offered for sale is a wonderful occasion for us to determine the costs of juggling human net worth. How much are you worth when you are actually unable to argue your position? You have become a slave that toils away under your master’s whip. That is a worldwide tendency that will never die out even if you are dead sure you can get far. With the money wasted on those human souls that had the problem getting places on their own, most of the time people spend not developing their own independent set of beliefs and the strong ambition to bind them all together in an attempt to make a difference.

Variable nr 2

Inequality persists thanks to those who saw their ability to do business on the poor of the world. The money dictates everything, and renders anything you might have on your mind or your conscience as useless and unimportant in the end. The human end of labor does not really matter as you are, by nature, bound to the place you started off with. The higher you jump the worse you get off as you will soon be shown your place. Interesting thing is that everyone keeps the place as if directed by a higher force of natural selection. That force is firmly set in stone and applies to anyone who is capable of any form of thinking. The social ladder is all nice and well, but in those well developed countries the selection system is supported by the support system. Only that can work to the benefit of everyone included.

Variable nr 3

Despite the sick beliefs that led to the creation of social prisons, elimination of human waste products aka redundant individuals, the prevailing new system supported by the medicine and the developments in the world is that the weaker should be protected, however, even the best of the system cannot totally eliminate the weaknesses that human beings generate. This is why a costly and individual approach to a family that is no longer a typical unit anymore is a must. While the whole generations abandon their former places, the mass thinking is shaped yet again. Those at the top of the ladder firmly believe they are quite right in applying their own hard rules as the sociology explains it, it is typically psychological in nature. Luckily humans have managed to develop and express empathy or altruism. But it is so easy to unlearn it with practice, where you need to spend and spending costs. So in the end very little has changed.