Types of Online Directory

A directory is basically a list. It is a list of various pieces of information. It could be lists of phone numbers, services, names, locations and websites. The use of online directories has risen in recent years because it has been used for promoting sites and for gaining traffic and following. Online directories are mainly lists of websites that are broken down by categories. There are several types of online categories that are now in use.

General Directories

General directories are the kind of directories that lists websites no matter what topic or subject those sites are about. They just break down the listing into categories and subcategories to make it easier for the users to find what it is that they are looking for. Art, business, finance, health, education, relationship are just some of the more common categories that can be found in general directories.

It is a commonly accepted fact that general directories are the ones with the widest audience and the greatest reach. This comes from the fact that they take on any website. So a user can go to a general directory and just browse through the different categories that are available. If you own a site and you land a link on a popular general directory, then that can boost your site’s ranking.

Niche Directories

On the opposite end of general directories are niche directories. These are the directories that are focused on certain topics or niches. If general directory will accept any kind of site and just classify it under one of its categories, a niche directory will only list sites that have some connection to its chosen niche.

While the reach of a niche directory might not be as wide as a general directory, a link there can also be valuable. The people visiting niche directories know what it is that they are looking for. So a site can get a more targeted traffic increase through a niche directory.

Regional Directories

Another common type of directories is the regional directory. This means that the directories list only sites that are focused on certain locations. Sites of businesses that operate on a certain city or travel sites about a particular destination are examples of these types of sites. Businesses that are localized are the ones that can get the most from this type of directories because people will be going there to get information about their localized market.

Bidding Directories

Then there are the bidding directories. These are the ones where the website owners will be bidding for the right to have their links placed on the top of the list. While it is enough to pay a minimum amount to be listed, the higher ranking that you more, the more you would have to pay. This type of directory can also be very effective but it can be expensive as well.

These are just some of the things that you ought to know about directories and the different types that are available. You should know which ones would match your needs the most.

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